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A Lesson in Cultural Humility: Observations Abroad

  The Network for Social Work Management recently held its first international training, a week long training of our human services management competencies to NGO leaders throughout China. My first morning in Beijing, a board member and I had some downtime, so we hired a guide. Our tour guide, “Sunshine” spoke English well and explained... Read more »

COMMUNITY VOICE: Real Time Challenges in the Realm of Strategic Philanthropic Giving: Who Faces It In India?

This Community Voice Piece was  written by NSWM member Abha Rai, MSW. “Strategic philanthropic giving” is becoming an increasingly important buzzword in the development sector. Most large and even smaller family foundations are seen adopting this quintessential approach. “Strategic philanthropy” can be defined as the efforts made by a foundation to support a social cause; ultimately... Read more »

Community Voice: Silence Is Golden-Or Is It?

This Community Voice Piece was written by NSWM Member Frank Perez, M.S., M.S W I was recently invited to attend a College Senate faculty meeting. My friend invited me to the meeting as a casual observer. Having no affiliation with the school, I curiously asked him why he wanted me along. “You work with people Frank; I... Read more »

Just in Time for the Fall Season: The Top 10 Books Every Social Worker Should Read

Community Voice | NSWM - Social Work Management Top 10 Social Work Books to Read Fall season is here! As temperatures cool and students go back to school, The Network for Social Management encourages social workers, managers, directors and students of all ages and levels within human services organizations to hit the books! It is our ethical duty as professionals in the social... Read more »

Community Voice: Beyond Sanctuary – The Lifeline of Minority Needs Under Organizational Trauma

This Community Voice Blog Post was written by NSWM Member D. E. Harris , M.S W We can talk about traumatized organizational systems intravenously. The best and less evasive procedure is to address traumatized organizations clinically, but with cultural sensitivity. From time to time, we shine the halogen light on ourselves, but only as practitioners... Read more »

From the Network’s Journal, Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership, & Governance

Winner of 2014 Slavin-Patti Award for Practice Research Kristen Gilmore Powell & N. Andrew Peterson (2014). Pathways to Effectiveness in Substance Abuse Prevention: Empowering Organizational Characteristics of Community-Based Coalitions, Human Service Organizations. 38(5), 471-486. In their well-designed and executed study, Powell and Peterson make an important contribution that furthers our understanding about community-based coalitions and the factors that contribute to their effectiveness. Using... Read more »