Community Voice Category: Social Work

“Reaching Out…Without Being Pulled Down: Preventing Secondary Stress and Improving Your Self-Care Protocol” By Robert J. Wicks

Communication theorist Marshall McLuhan once quipped, “If the temperature of the bath rises one degree every ten minutes, how will the bather know when to scream?”  We fail to see the key dangers in being involved in standing in the darkness with others for a number of key reasons. Acute forms of secondary stress (vicarious... Read more »

“New Horizons” by NSWM Member, Frank Perez

I am, what you can call, an “old dog.” I am quickly approaching my golden years (whatever that means), and what is interesting is that being a social worker, and managing my own nonprofit, is my second career after retiring in the 1990’s working for a major automotive manufacturer.  It’s funny that my first career... Read more »

Social Work Management Week: Interview with Oscar Cariceo

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What attracted you to the Social Work Profession? A: My name is Oscar Cariceo. I am from Chile. My initial attraction to the social work profession was related to many personal experiences I faced growing up. After I received my BSW from the... Read more »

Contribute to the Discovery of Successful Organizational Change Knowledge

The purpose of this message is to announce that the Network for Social Work Management Board of Directors has agreed to participate in a research project in collaboration with a researcher at San Diego State University. We have given permission to Tom Packard, Professor of Social Work at SDSU, to conduct an on-line survey of NSWM... Read more »