Universities can now offer the Human Services Management Certificate to appropriate graduates!

Are you ready to help your graduates succeed and grow in their professional careers? Join us and our University Certificate Partners by offering the certificate to your students!

To get started, request a copy of the University Check List below.

  • Compare your program’s coursework to our Human Service Management Competencies.
  • If your program (coursework, field education, other educational opportunities) meets learning objectives for 75% of the competency performance indicators, your program is eligible to offer this certificate to your graduating management students.
  • Certificate fees are assessed by the number of macro practice students enrolled in your program and are priced per student.

Align your school to the Network for Social Work Management’s core mission of offering top-notch leadership development to social work and human service professionals today!


Recipient: Brittany Danyelle Harvey MA, MSW

Graduation Year: May 2015

I am extremely excited about receiving the Human Services Management Certificate from the University of Michigan. As a Masters student in the Social Work program, I had the opportunity to gain a wealth of management knowledge, including how to successfully apply for funding grants, directly supervise a Mental Health Peer Specialist, and utilize interpersonal skills and critical thinking skills to support and help advance the organization in which I worked.

The various competencies that I have obtained will continue to assist me in my efforts to improve agency productivity and advocate for disadvantaged populations within the community. As I move forward into the professional arena, I will take advantage of the career development opportunities that the Network of Social Work Management membership has to offer its recipients. I am eager to be a part of such an innovative program and network of inspiring professionals, and look forward to assisting my consumers with the techniques that I have acquired.

Recipient: Natalya Wawrin, MSW

Graduation Year: May 2015

As a macro social work student, I didn’t feel that licensure was right for me, so I was excited to receive a nationally recognized certificate that provides standards specific to management and macro practice. The Competencies Check List has been incredibly useful in assessing which skills I’ve learned in class and field, and those that I still need to work on. It has also provided me with a language to use in discussing my skills with potential employers.