HSO‌ ‌Journal‌ ‌2019‌ ‌Awards‌

The Network for Social Work Management is happy to announce the recipients of the Human Service Organizations Journal 2019 Awards!

Mary Parker Follett Award

Theory-Informed Research

Informal Accountability in Children’s Service Networks: The Role of Frontline Workers

Kelly LeRoux

Jaclyn Piatak

Barbara Romzek

Jocelyn Johnston

The Mary Parker Follett Award is an annual journal award that recognizes an outstanding research article that is informed by theory and contributes to theory development.  Mary Parker Follett was a settlement house social worker and management theorist who gained international recognition in the 1920’s for her contributions to management theory in the human services.

Slavin-Patti Award

Practice Research

Exploring Variation in Housing First Implementation: The Role of Fit

Karissa Fenwick

Benjamin Henwood

Rebecca Lengnick-Hall

Ana Stefancic

Todd Gilmer

The Slavin-Patti Award is an annual journal award that recognizes an outstanding research article that informs management practice. Simon Slavin and Rino Patti were the founders and early editors of the journal, formerly called Administration in Social Work. Their aim in creating the journal was to further the development and understanding of the processes, principles, and practices of administration and management in the human services.

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The Human Service Organizations: Leadership, Management & Governance Journal (formerly called Administration in Social Work) is the official journal of the Network.

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