2021 NSWM Policy Fellows Program Virtual Presentations

The Network for Social Work Management proudly presents the

NSWM Policy Fellows 2021 Virtual Presentations!

Sponsored by The New York Community Trust, the NSWM Policy Fellows Program encourages social workers in management to be at the forefront of policy.

June 17th Presentations

The Healthcare System: Curing What Ails
Haley Ingersoll, MSW
Mentored by Mark W. Lamar, MSW, MBA, LCSW

Giving New Life to Haddon’s Matrix to Combat the Opioid Epidemic
Mark Liptrap, MS, MSW, LCSW, CTT
Mentored by Grey Endres, MSW, DSW, LSCSW, LCSW

What about the Client’s Experience? Giving Voice to the Client’s Experience of Services
Grace Downs, LCSW
Mentored by Dennis Kao, MSW, PhD

Redefining the Standard of Care at Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE): How Preventative Measures Can Help Increase Quality of Life for Residents and Caregivers
Elsie Silva, LCSW
Mentored by Linda Schmidt, MLPA, MSW, PhD

Telehealth, Virtual Care, & What Lies Beyond In-Person Services: Behavioral Health for a Post-COVID-19 World
Ian G. Williams, LMSW
Mentored by Ron Manderscheid, PhD

Effectively Using Client Data to Evaluate Disparities in Mental Health Service Provision
Lucero Huayhua, MSSW
Mentored by Lauri Goldkind, LMSW, PhD

Learning from the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons on Housing Stability
Kate Gascoine, MSW, MPA
Mentored by Todd Rofuth, MSW, LMSW, DSW

Civic Engagement in the Housing Insecure Community
Caitlin Krenn, LCSW
Mentored by Marcella Wilson, PhD

June 18th Presentations

Raise-The-Wage – The Case for Equitable Pay for Social Workers and Other Human Services Professionals
Silas Kelly, LMSW
Mentored by Katharine Briar-Lawson, MSW, PhD

The Psychological Impact of Forced Migration on LGBTQ+ Folx
Brie Scolaro, LMSW
Mentored by Seth J. Meyer, LMSW, PhD

Towards Equitable Access to Humanitarian Protection for Immigrant Youth
Chloe Walker, JD, MSW
Mentored by Shay Everitt, MSW

A Quick Kiki: Spilling the T on the Transgender Political Agenda
Terrel White, MPA, MSW
Mentored by Antoine Lovell, MPA, LMSW, PhD (c)

Considering the Consequences: Racial Impact Statements
Luliana “Lana” Charles, LMSW
Mentored by Damekia Morgan, DSW, LMSW

~2nd Year Fellows~

Sustainable Reparations: Creating an Equitable Future for Black Americans
Haileigh Nelson, LMSW
Mentored by Antoine Lovell, MPA, LMSW, PhD (c)

Understanding the Role of Perinatal Social Workers in Maternal Advocacy and Reproductive Justice
Ria Rodney, MSW, BSN-RN
Mentored by Ijeoma Opara, PhD, LMSW, MPH

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