Community Voice

Social Change, Post-Election…What Now?

I grew up in a household where the importance of exercising your rights was demonstrated by my grandfather. He served in the Army and Airforce and wore his military hat with pride wherever we went. As a child, I always saw him reviewing election pamphlets in preparation to go vote. As a Black man from... Read more »

A Lesson in Cultural Humility: Observations Abroad

  The Network for Social Work Management recently held its first international training, a week long training of our human services management competencies to NGO leaders throughout China. My first morning in Beijing, a board member and I had some downtime, so we hired a guide. Our tour guide, “Sunshine” spoke English well and explained... Read more »

NSWM Admin Coordinator Opening: Thank You Lakeya and NSWM for Inspiring Me to Raise My Own Bar

Dear Network Members, I would like to inform you that I am transitioning out of role as Administrative Coordinator at the end of August. I have immensely enjoyed working directly with NSWM Board President Dean Flynn, Executive Director Lakeya Cherry and the Board of Directors. I am at a crossroads in my career and taking time to study… Read more »

Monday Morning Managers- Who Are The Leaders of the Social Work Profession?

The Monday Morning Manager is a weekly blog series where thought leaders share their path to management- successes, challenges and lessons learned as they climbed up the ladder. #Shareyourstory. Apply today to be featured in the Monday Morning Manager.  Monday Morning Managers. Who are they? What path did they follow to become managers? What percentage, if any, became… Read more »

#SocialWorkersLead: “Where Are Our Voices When It Matters Most”

The Community Voice series was created for NSWM members to share their thoughts about events impacting our community. We invite you to share your #SocialWorkStory with us, so we can share it with your peers, the Members of the Network and greater social work community. We know your experience will help our field grow. Submit… Read more »

Social Work and Technology. Time to Unite for Social Change

Social work and technology. Those two words don’t typically flow together like peanut butter & jelly. Perhaps they should. Social workers perform the outreach to people in need and help them manage the complexities of life from healthcare, economics, job searches, financial management, and other areas that can cause people to have difficulty and friction in… Read more »

Community Voice: Human Potential: A Value that Resonates

This initiative is a project of the National Human Services Assembly and is generously funded by The Kresge Foundation and Annie E. Casey Foundation. Subscribe here for updates. Reframing works by creating a new narrative that utilizes theFrameWorks Institute’s strategic frame elements of Value, Metaphor and Explanatory Examples. In our last newsletter, we discussed the importance of leading... Read more »

Community Voice: Shift Workplace Culture, Help Break The Silence

This Community Voice Blog Post was written by NSWM member Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio, MSW Vice President, Health and Wellness, Prudential Five tips to shift workplace culture and create a space for open dialogue about mental health The silence that surrounds mental health issues is often the result of shame and fear. This is particularly true... Read more »

COMMUNITY VOICE: Real Time Challenges in the Realm of Strategic Philanthropic Giving: Who Faces It In India?

This Community Voice Piece was  written by NSWM member Abha Rai, MSW. “Strategic philanthropic giving” is becoming an increasingly important buzzword in the development sector. Most large and even smaller family foundations are seen adopting this quintessential approach. “Strategic philanthropy” can be defined as the efforts made by a foundation to support a social cause; ultimately... Read more »