Thankful for NSWM

“Dear Lakeya,

Hope you are doing well.

This past weekend when I was with family and friends thinking about what I’m thankful for I couldn’t help but think about NSWM. Might be a nerdy thing to think about but the relationship I developed with my mentor (Nicole Malick) through NSWM International mentorship program is a blessing I wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for NSWM.

Firstly, I’m thankful for you for starting this organization as it has been extremely helpful for emerging social workers/leaders from various backgrounds.

Secondly, I’m thankful for the International Mentorship Program where I was matched with Nicole. She has not just been an inspiration towards my professional career but also towards my personal life. Throughout the mentorship experience not only did I learn where to gear my career but I also learned how to manage multiple tasks at once with different time zones (something which is not taught in school and rarely exposed to at work).

Nicole always advised me to look at micro details when trying to solve a problem, which I continue to do so. As a result I’m ecstatic to share with you that I have developed The “Badmash Beti” project (translates to “Baddass Daughter”) to combat female education inequality in India by providing sanitary napkins for females from low income families (there’s a reason why I chose sanitary napkins and will definitely share the story about how & why I had to fight to give out sanitary napkins instead of books, clothes and writing utensils). In the past 4 months I hosted fundraising events through which I collected close to $3,500 and I will be making a trip to India next month to distribute sanitary napkins, followed by sessions where I will raise awareness about importance of education within female population and human trafficking (continuing my mission from last years proposal). Currently I’m in the process of developing a website for this project and I cannot wait to share the link and experience with you.

When I started Badmash Beti I was apprehensive about time and finances. Then I though about the project Nicole conducted and funded in Afghanistan; you starting the NSWM and the harshships resulting in the success of where NSWM is today. Goes to show I have to start somewhere to get somewhere.

I wanted to take the time today and express my gratitude. You’re a wonderful leader and an even better mentor. Thank you for the opportunity, enjoy the rest of your week and hope to see you in Chicago for the next conference.

Kind Regards,
Nittu Sharma (mentee 2017-2018)”

Shared with permission

What are you thankful for? Is the Network something that has contributed in a meaningful way to your life?

The Network for Social Work Management began in 1985 under the direction of then executive director Robert Maslyn. Mr. Maslyn, along with other agency directors, established the organization to provide a place where members could educate, train, mentor, and coach students, managers and leaders within the field of social work management. Under the direction of our first president, Mr. Maslyn, and Executive Director Harold Benson, the Network grew into a flourishing organization.


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