Monday Morning Manager

Frank Cohn, Founder and CEO of the youth empowerment organization Global Potential

Founder and CEO of the youth empowerment organization Global Potential, Frank is originally from Vancouver, Canada. He conducts training for youth, teachers, managers, and grassroots community workers, in 5 languages: French, Spanish, English, Chinese, and Haitian Creole. He has done community and youth leadership work in over 100 rural villages and urban neighborhoods in 20 countries... Read more »

Philip Matcovsky, Chief Operating Officer of Federation of Organizations

With 30 years of service with Federation of Organizations, Philip Matcovsky serves as the agency’s Chief Operating Officer, a position he has held since 1997. In this role, Mr. Matcovsky serves as the day-to-day leadership of agency operations and general management. As COO, he has helped establish Federation as one of New York’s leading providers... Read more »

William Spitzer, Psychotherapy Practice Manager

Social Work Department Director at MCVH, OHSU, SBLHS; Virginia State Manager of Licensing Operations (DSS); 30+ publications; President-three state associations; VCU Clinical Associate Professor; interim health system HR director, national Hy Weiner Award & National Board (SSWLHC), ten state/facility leadership awards; chair-20 conferences; semi-retired, now psychotherapy practice manager.      Number of years in management: More than... Read more »

☀ Karen Carlucci, LCSW, Licensed Psychotherapist and Professional Coach

Karen Carlucci is a licensed Psychotherapist and Professional Coach in New York City specializing in helping people through the unexpected. Since losing her fiancé suddenly on September 11th, she has been working on strengthening her own resiliency both personally and professionally through writing, speaking and connecting with others. In addition to a BA in Human Resources... Read more »

Dave Coplan, Executive Director of the Human Services Center and Director of the Mon Valley Providers Council.

Dave Coplan is the Executive Director of the Human Services Center and Director of the Mon Valley Providers Council. In 2006, Dave launched a separate college access nonprofit -Advancing Academics. He teaches courses at the University of Pittsburgh on nonprofit management, fundraising, human resources, public policy, and advocacy and lobbying.   Number of years in... Read more »

Jennifer Schneider, Manager of Health Services at Partners in Care Foundation in San Fernando, CA .

Jennifer Schneider is the Manager of Health Services at Partners in Care Foundation in San Fernando, CA (greater Los Angeles area). She oversees the daily operations, implementation and clinical oversight of the Partners at Home Network (PAH), a statewide network of providers in which a single point of access is provided to a large spectrum... Read more »

Dr. Tisa McGhee, Associate Professor, CEO of Mc3 Consulting Inc.

Dr. McGhee, an Associate Professor at Barry University’s School of Social Work, is currently a 2nd year Policy Fellow and NSWM member. With over 20 years Social Work experience, she’s passionate about educating social workers, leadership and community-based research. At the core of all of her work: Building community capacity. Number of years in management:  10+... Read more »

☀ Dr. Alissa Mallow, Director of Social Work at Montefiore Health System

Tell us about your path to management:  I was working in both inpatient and ambulatory care with substance misusing pregnant and parenting women at the height of the 'crack epidemic' in New York in the late 1980's early 1990's. Working as a social worker in a hospital setting, there were times I needed to take... Read more »

Alfredo Aguirre, County of San Diego Health and Human Services Department, Behavioral Health Director

Alfredo Aguirre, LCSW, is the Director of Behavioral Health Services of San Diego County and has served in the capacity of Mental Health Director since 1999. He serves on the Board of Directors of the National Network of Social Work Managers (NSWM), is a member of the California Behavioral Health Directors Association (CBHDA) and is... Read more »

Anneke Krakers, Business Owner of WelzijnNederland | Anneke Krakers

Anneke is a Social Worker from The Netherlands. She worked in the field as a professional for many years. She was also for 10 years the CEO of a local Social Work organization. In 2006 she started her own business. Her business has become now a global training company for Social Workers who want to... Read more »