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A Study of the First 99 Monday Morning Managers: Key Findings

In July 2014, the Network for Social Work Management (NSWM) initiated a weekly blog series titled “Monday Morning Managers” (MMMs) featuring the autobiographical accounts of the history and experiences of actual practicing social work managers. The authors of this editorial recognized that this series of brief autobiographical essays could be a source of information, which would be responsive to several questions of significance to those who practice, study, and/or teach about social work leadership and administration. We resolved, therefore, to follow the series closely and to aggregate, through research methods, the reported experiences of these successful social work leaders and managers.

In March and April 2017, we executed a questionnaire survey of the 99 MMMs who had published their stories in the NSWM blog series from July 2014 through April 2017. Six email addresses were invalid thus yielding a survey universe of 93, of whom 68 responded (73.1%). This survey was a follow-up investigation of our first examination of this population in which we content analyzed the first 50 blogs published in the series. By means of our questionnaire, we sought to confirm or disconfirm conclusions drawn from the first study, and also we sought to “drill down” on two central questions: “What personality traits do Monday Morning Managers most prominently demonstrate as measured by the Five-Factor Model of personality,” and “What leadership styles do they favor?”

The Monday Morning Manager is a  blog series where leaders share their path to management- successes, challenges and lessons learned as they climbed up the ladder.

Managers of all experience levels are welcome!

The views expressed herein are those solely of the author and not necessarily endorsed by the Network for Social Work Management.

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