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At Victor we are a company that helps troubled kids and families integrate into society and become successful members of their community. We believe that every individual deserves a chance to succeed and we commit every strength, talent, and resource of our organization to those who have emotional and behavioral challenges. In situations where families are not equipped to help their children or older family members, we step in and provide programs and support to help them be successful. We offer hope by giving tangible solutions for helping these kids succeed and integrate into society in ways they and their families never thought possible.

Victor started in the 1960s with a group of people who were committed to providing an alternative to the state mental institutions for children who were under 18. Today, half a century or so later, Victor has offices throughout California, serves all age groups and is comprised of three agencies, Victor Community Support Services, Victor Treatment Centers, and Rosemary Children’s Services. Our ongoing mission is to improve the lives of those we touch in a way that is sustainable. Real and lasting positive change is the end goal of every program we offer.

While there are many agencies doing good work for those with emotional and behavioral health challenges, we believe what sets us apart is the strength of our programs combined with our commitment to training, equipping and creating a culture of joy and hope for our employees and our clients. We believe that our work is both a passion and a calling for those who join us, and we know that our employees are able to care for our clients better when they feel supported by the company.

Our agencies have a variety of employment opportunities that range from clinicians and counselors to administrative and support roles. To learn all about Victor you can visit our website at We suggest that you look at our Careers area to really see who we are and what we stand for. Having a firm grasp on the mission, vision, goals and dreams of the company will help you determine if Victor is a good fit for your skills and passions.

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