2018 Annual Management Conference: TJ Trip

The 2018 Annual Management Conference in San Diego, CA featured a delightful and inspiring pre-conference day in Tijuana, Mexico. The trip included conference participants from both coasts and four countries. Stops included the Binational Friendship Garden at the border wall at the ocean, two health care facilities (Fundacion Castro Limon and Hospital Infantil de las Californias); lunch at Origen Argentino Restaurant with presentations from Create Purpose (education and training for orphans) and Fundacion Gaia (ten programs serving vulnerable populations); and presentations by workers at dynamic community centers (DIF Tijuana, DIF Comunitario Camino Verde, and Camino Verde Casa de las Ideas).

Special thanks to Claudia Llamas with the SD chapter, Alejandro Hierro in Tijuana, and the City of Tijuana’s Board of Tourism and Conventions which provided transportation and assisted with logistics and escorts!

Binational Friendship Garden (Friends of Friendship Park)

Website: http://www.friendshippark.org/garden

Guest Speaker: Daniel Watman

Synopsis: As we work toward a truly binational park, the Friends of Friendship Park propose the restoration of unrestricted public access to three locations: the historic Monument 258, the beach below Monument Mesa, and the Binational Friendship Garden of Native Plants. The garden’s dual purpose is to create a space where people can make friends through the border wall and to promote the native flora of our region.

Fundación Castro Limón

Website: http://fundacioncastrolimon.org/?la=us

Guest Speaker: Dr. Andres Araujo

Synopsis: Non-profit association that seeks funds to provide comprehensive care to children with cancer.  They provide pediatric oncological services, long term hospitalizations, therapeutic/ psychological services for patients & their families, case management, outreach and non denominational religious services; among others.

Hospital Infantil de las Californias

Website: http://hospitalinfantil.org/

Guest Speaker: Josefina Montes de Oca

Synopsis: Children’s hospital providing health services to children from newborns to 18 years of age, regardless of their socioeconomic level, race or religion. It has 26 pediatric specialties, short-stay surgeries, pharmacy, x-rays, as well as educational programs focused on nutrition and prevention.

DIF Tijuana

Website: http://www.dif.tijuana.gob.mx/

Guest Speaker: Jorge Bedoya

Synopsis: Government program (similar to Child Welfare & Family Services) that serves and protects families and vulnerable sectors of the city. Their main goal is to work towards the welfare, strengthening & self-sufficiency of families; focusing on the vulnerable population offering preventive actions and intervention in social assistance.

DIF Comunitario Camino Verde

Website: None

Guest Speaker: SW Yolanda del Angel

Synopsis: Community center run by local Child & Family Welfare Services that provides a “Third Space” for community engagement, recreational activities, workshops & classes to teach skills & trades and health & wellness services. Part of a larger community redevelopment project in the neighborhood of Camino Verde. Design of space was made to LEED specifications of sustainability.

Camino Verde Casa de las Ideas


Guest Speaker: Francisco Orozco

Synopsis: Community center that provides creative, artistic & technology based programs for the community in their efforts to promote culture, community building, resilience and creative thinking. Space is open to all interested in their program and they have done collaborations with the local juvenile justice system.

Create Purpose

Website: https://createpurpose.org/

Guest Speaker: Nicholas Sandoval

Synopsis: Create Purpose applies the proven methodology of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematic (STEAM) using Project Based Learning principles within Tijuana orphanages. This approach teaches children life skills that help them overcome poverty and pursue their purpose.

Fundación Gaia

Website: None

Guest Speaker: Darinka Carballo

Synopsis: Community based nonprofit run by local volunteers from many professions & walks of life that seek to provide sustainable support to vulnerable sectors of our community. “Fundacion Gaia” currently has 10 projects serving a wide range of needs in the region; from immigration issues to animal rights, Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) to name a few.


Website: http://www.descubretijuana.com/en

Coordinator: Juan Saldaña

Synopsis: City of Tijuana’s board of Tourism and Conventions. They are the official committee responsible for implementing and promoting the tourism programs of the city, composed of a board of directors where it is represented by different private and public agencies of Tijuana.

SIDE NOTE: During our day trip, they provided transportation and assisted with logistics and patrol escorts

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