24th Annual Management Institute Coming Soon

This year’s Annual Institute is being held on May 16th and 17th in Newark, NJ at the Robeson Center at Rutgers University.  The theme of the Institute “Achieving Impact in Complex Social Environments” strikes a chord with every manager.  Submissions to present at this year’s institute far exceed previous years.  The program is filled with experts in various key areas, great speakers, workshops and panels.  Come and hear how expert managers, academics and researchers are working under the hardest of circumstances and are having major successes.

This year’s program will have two additional, exciting and relevant tracks.  We will welcome a group of professional managers from China who are coming to the U.S. to study at Rutgers and are fascinated by the idea of coming to a conference attended only by managers.  There will be other workshops and panels on topics related to international work in Africa and in the Middle East.  This is an amazing opportunity for managers to get a global look at agency management and to learn from people who are doing the same work in their own countries.

We are also placing a special focus on management in small and mid-sized agencies.  A recent study done in NJ with these agencies will be discussed and special sessions will be conducted for managers of small agencies to discuss the unique aspects of managing in a small setting where a manager can wear many hats and is expected to be a jack of all trades.  In recognition of the limited funding available for conference attendance in these organizations some scholarships have been made available.  People interested in applying for this funding should Wendell Knight at wjk470@aol.com.

Once again this year awards will be made to outstanding social work managers who have demonstrated their extraordinary commitment to the field.  Special recognition will be given to those who worked tirelessly to help New Jersey and New York residents deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  A lovely cocktail party celebrating our Awardees will be held at the Newark Museum on Thursday evening at 5:30 pm.   All are welcome.

For more information about the 2013 Institute please visit the Management Institute section.