Call for “New Topics” Abstracts for the First Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work

The first-ever Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work, an outgrowth of the field-defining Encyclopedia of Social Work, will be published by Oxford University Press and NASW Press in the coming months. While the bulk of this new work will consist of revised and updated articles from the Encyclopedia of Social Work, the editorial team, led by Darlyne Bailey and Terry Mizrahi, is delighted to extend a call for new topics to be considered for inclusion in this historic first edition.

Below is a list of suggested topics for consideration. The editorial team will also consider new article topics that you wish to suggest. Please review the online edition of the Encyclopedia of Social Work ( to be sure that any suggested topic has not already been written/included.

Bridging/Integrating Macro-Micro Practice

 Child Development Accounts Policy

 Coalition Model

 Coalitions/Coalition-Building

 Community Trauma/Historical Trauma

 Community Violence and Mental Health

 Community-university partnerships

 Critical Pedagogy

 Drug Policy

 Ethics for Macro Practice

 Evidence Based Macro Practice

 Fiscal Policy (to include tax and spending issues, monetary policy, tax expenditures)

 Funding, Philanthropy

 Futurist Perspectives (e.g. Artificial Intelligence)

 Grand Challenges for Social Work

 Health Policy/Systems (Overview and history)

 Human Needs and Poverty Policy

 Immigration Policy

 Immigration, Migrant Children, and Child Welfare Policy

 Interorganizational Alliances

 Labor/Employment (to include: Minimum Wage/Fight for 15, Wal-Mart/Strikes by teachers/nurses; labor organizing. Also see current topics in Encyclopedia: “Social Work Profession: Workforce;” “Human Needs: Work and Employment;” “Unions;” “Employment and Unemployment;” “Unemployment Insurance”)

 Managerialism

 Media Campaigns

 Mental Health Policy/Systems (Overview and history)

 Organizations (e.g. CSWE, NASW, AASWSW, NADD , GADE, SSWR, CSWA)

 Poverty And Inequality (to include: measurement)

 Predictive Analytics and Big Data

 Social Activism (to include New activisms: Occupy, BLM, #metoo; New “Socialists,” Blue wave)

 Social and Economic Gaps (to include: wage gap, wealth gap, racial wealth gap, gender wealth gap)

 Social Work Caucus

 Social Work Macro History

 Structural Interventions

 Suicide Policy Responses

 Tax Policy

Articles written for the Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work should be directly focused on macro social work, defined broadly to include macro practice methods as well as macro theories, concepts, ideologies, problems, and contexts relating to macro social work. The following criteria will be used for evaluating proposed entries:

  • Entries must have a clearly described macro unit of analysis—communities, organizations, social systems, policy, social structures, etc., as opposed to micro-/individual-level.
  • Entries may be related to macro practice methods, defined as community organization, policy practice, and management/administration.
  • Entries may address wider social, political, economic, and cultural contexts and/or government policies and practices that affect macro social work.
  • Where possible, entries should acknowledge systems of oppression and how these systems inform the context for and methods of macro social work.
  • Entries should consider future implications for macro social work.

Authors should submit titles for new entries along with a 300-word abstract by 14 February 2020 to OUP editor Timothy Allen ( Abstracts will be reviewed in February, and confirmed authors will be asked to submit completed entries by 1 June 2020. Submitted articles will undergo review by our editorial team. Authors may be asked to make revisions prior to final acceptance for publication.

Thank you for your interest in the Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work!

The Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work Editorial Team

Editors in Chief:

Darlyne Bailey • Terry Mizrahi

Associate Editors:

Mimi Abramovitz • Alice Gates • Jan Ivery • Dennis Kao • Eva Moya • Murali Nair • Sudershan Pasupuleti • Tracey Whitaker

Consulting Editors:

Sarah Butts • Tory Cox • David Moxley • Linda Plitt Donaldson • Tracy Soska

Please contact OUP editor Timothy Allen ( with questions, suggestions, and abstracts.

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