Changemakers of Color: A Model for Racial Equity in the NPO Sector

Bridge the Racial Leadership Gap

Did you know that nonprofit Leaders of Color are less likely to receive philanthropic and other financial support for their initiatives?

Two years ago, I created Changemakers of Color because as a Black leader in the nonprofit space I realized there weren’t many people who looked like me. Fortunately, the buzzwords diversity, equity, and inclusion became more popular and I began to see more research and reports on the WHY behind this.

The Network for Social Work Management piloted a one-year program with BIPOC in the nonprofit sector based in California from January 2019 – January 2020. During that time, our changemakers received group coaching, 1:1 mentoring, training, and linkages to new networks so as to expand their social capital.

While this isn’t the answer to institutional racism, research shows that BIPOC ( Black, Indigenous, Person of Color) lack access to social capital, which limits the likelihood that they will have an opportunity to lead.

I’d like to expand this program nationally in the fall but can’t do it without capital.

We need more diversity in our leadership. If you are committed to this, I invite you or your organization to consider partnering with our Network to sponsor, mentor or train a Changemaker of Color.

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Partner with The Network for Social Work Management and its Changemakers of Color Initiative to bridge the racial leadership gap. If you or anyone at your organization is interested in supporting the Changemakers of Color Initiative, please complete the interest form below.

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