Join us on June 10th at 6PM PDT/ 9PM EDT for the #MacroSW Tweet Chat: Evaluating Practice

Join us today, July 10th at 9pm EDT/ 6pm PDT, for #MacroSW tweet chat moderated by Karen Zgoda (@karenzgoda), PhD Candidate at Boston College, about Evaluating Practice.

What are best practices in evaluating practice? What have you found to be helpful in integrating evaluation into your practice? What do you need to be better at evaluating practice? Join us as we discuss evaluating practice and share best practices!

Discussion questions:

  • What are the current goals of the program? What does the literature say about this phenomenon in terms of program intervention?
  • What kinds of data will evaluators need? What is readily available? Are government statistics relevant, for example? Does the agency keep data that might be useful? With whom might evaluators want to gather information? Agency directors? Middle-level staff? Clients?
  • What type of design makes the most sense and why?
  • What type of data collection tools would be most appropriate?
  • How will the evaluation address culture and social contexts?
  • What limitations will this evaluation present? What obstacles might evaluators encounter and how would one counter these obstacles?

Having already identified the primary stakeholders, how would one disseminate the results of the program evaluation?

To participate, log-in to Twitter at 9 PM EDT and use the hashtag #MacroSW. Please tweet any questions or responses directed to the moderator @karenzgoda and include the #MacroSW in all of your tweets.

The Network (@TheNSWM) hosts the #MacroSW tweet chat in partnership with community practice organizations and individual macro social workers, bi-monthly on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 9 PM EDT. Our collaborators include:

  • University at Buffalo School of Social Work (@ubssw)
  • Karen Zgoda (@karenzgoda), PhD Candidate at Boston College
  • ACOSA (@acosaorg)
  • University of Southern California School of Social Work (@mswatusc and @uscsocialwork)

We look forward to chatting with you!