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In order to sit at the table, there are many things involved. We at NSWM want to help you get there whether it’s featuring organizations looking for top talent such as yourself or providing you resume and interviewing tips to get you the management job you desire. The NetWORK will be everything work-related from job posts to resources on making a first impression to career development.


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Wednesday NetWORK highlights the work of human service organizations and draws attention to the impact the organization and its staff is having in the community.
Read what past featured organizations have shared:
For those entering the job market, what advice would you give them in terms of making a good impression and standing out from other applicants?

“Keep in mind that when you enter into social work job market, you are not always going to stay in the same job throughout your career. Be open to experiencing a job that might not be exactly what you are looking for, but can instead serve as a stepping stone. My experience in social work is that our career takes a path and that you need to be willing to step on the first stone to get going on that path. Also, I would tell job seekers to follow your passion, find where your interest lies and most likely there will be a social work job related. When you go to an interview be sure to communicate your passion!”

“The JWCH Institute encourages social workers and other mental health care practitioners to grow and become leaders within their agency. Brenda Wiewel, Vice President of Behavioral Health and Special Programs at JWCH Institute shared her advice to fellow social workers who are entering the job market. Ms Wiewel states, ‘the most important thing is to be yourself and really show an interest in the organization’s mission and what we are doing. One should always be ready to present the skills and talents they can offer.'”

“It’s imperative to make oneself stand out.  Don’t be afraid to tell your employer about the certain skills you possess and how those specific skills will help the business. Interviewees are like sales people and an interview is a sales meeting, you have to be able to successfully sell your unique skills and show the business why they should pay for your services.”

“When you enter the human services field, it’s not enough to just want to help people. Being a good listener, resourceful, empathetic, and compassionate are all very important. But there is another side to working in human services which entails taking accurate and detailed notes, staying organized, submitting paperwork on-time, being able to multi-task. Making sure you are well-rounded will not only help you make a good impression but it will also help your clients benefit the most from excellent service. It will also ensure that the agency you are employed with maintains compliance with insurance and governmental regulations, and outside funding sources otherwise there would be no services to begin with.”

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