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Welcome to the Wednesday NetWORK (WN), a newsletter curated for you on the first Wednesday of every month!

WN highlights the work of human service organizations and draws attention to the impact the organization and its staff is having in the community.
For readers unfamiliar with Overtown Children and Youth Coalition (OCYC), would you please take a few moments to describe the agency.

The Overtown Children and Youth Coalition (OCYC) is located in and serves the neighborhood of Overtown: a 15 block by 7 block area in Miami-Dade County, near downtown Miami. Overtown is an area where children and families face extreme levels of poverty, low academic achievement and health disparities. In 2012, OCYC was formed as an overarching backbone organization which could identify, unify, and strengthen all of the youth-focused initiatives in the Overtown neighborhood, including pre-existing entities such as the Overtown Youth Center, the Lotus House, Touching Miami with Love, and Urgent, Inc. OCYC serves as a catalyst to convene, network, leverage, scale, and impact children, youth, and their families through its membership-base by supporting efforts to integrate a Collective Impact Framework.

Intensive rehabilitation and redevelopment are necessary to improve the health, well-being and livelihood of children living here. The community is composed of a population of approximately 8,500 individuals with 52% African American/Black, 45% Hispanic/Latino and 45.7% living below the poverty line. Overtown is also one of the oldest communities in Miami. There is a high cultural aptitude, but it is also home to one of the lowest-ranking public school systems, with Frederick R. Douglass, Phyllis Wheatley Elementary, Jose de Diego Middle School, and Booker T. Washington High School scoring in the bottom 50% in Florida. Such statistics represent a huge issue: the underserved are not receiving the attention and care they deserve.

What types of opportunities are available within OCYC in terms of employment opportunities for human service professionals?

There are multiple human service operations in the Overtown neighborhood which aim to fill gaps, and particularly serve Overtown’s 3,500 children. Prominent OCYC partners include the Overtown Youth Center, the Lotus House, the Overtown Optimist Club, Touching Miami with Love, and Urgent Inc. There are endless opportunities to get involved with the efforts of any individual operation, as well as collaborate with multiple of them. The coalition facilitates the cross-sector and multi-organizational activities driven by five committees made up of community members, institutional partners, and Overtown program staff. They are the Healthy & Safe Committee, the Productive & Working Committee, the Education Committee, the Evaluation Committee, and the General Members Committee. They each collaborate on different goals for the community and are always open to new ideas and initiatives.

Currently, six activities created by the coalition include identifying organizations with youth-focused programs operating in Overtown, hosting an annual Work Readiness fair, hosting a Health and Safety Fair, facilitating the creation of a Data Sharing Portal for youth programs in Overtown, creating and overseeing operations of a Youth Commission, and coordinating and hosting Professional Development Workshops. Direct outputs and short, medium, and long-term outcomes exist as a result of the coalition’s activities.

How is OCYC distinguished from others?
The Overtown Children and Youth Coalition is formed by a group of community stakeholders, professionals, parents, government officials, residents and youth charged with designing and implementing the Children and Youth Collective Impact Master Plan to improve outcomes for all of Overtown’s children. The strength and necessity of unified efforts to move the needle and advocate for real change in such a challenged neighborhood has long-been established. The growth and influence of OCYC while taking on community-wide issues concerning children and youth has been a testament to not only it’s utility, but the anonymous and humbling decision of individuals and formerly siloed entities to join forces. Overtown youth programs benefit from these multi-agency and cross-sector collaborations and allow OCYC to drive the collective impact in the community.

For those entering the job market what advice would you give them in terms of making a good impression and standing out from other applicants?  

My advice to those entering the job market would include thorough research about the organization you are applying to. Also, to have confidence in your communication with interview panel, and talk about what you will be able to contribute to the organization and its success, rather than only how the organization will benefit you.

Have you utilized The Network for Social Work Management as a resource in the past? If yes, how so? Did you find it effective? If no, are you planning to do so in the future? 
I have not yet utilized The Network for Social Work Management as a resource, but I will most definitely use this as a resource to strengthen my network in the health and human resources community. This will allow me and my organization members to better communicate and collaborate with members and partners towards our collective impact strategy.

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