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Wednesday NetWORK highlights the work of human service organizations and draws attention to the impact the organization and its staff is having in the community.
For readers unfamiliar with Transition to Success, would you please take a few moments to describe the agency.

Transition To Success (TSS) is an organization dedicated to changing the nations understanding and response to the condition of poverty.  Poverty, a diagnosable condition, is caused directly by exposure to the social determinants of health.  Transition To Success brings the first Standards  of Care to the treatment of poverty, so as with all other conditions, science and data drive treatment, not just good intentions.

What types of opportunities are available within your agency in terms of employment opportunities for human service professionals?
Transition To Success is flourishing across the country because of a Train The Trainer, social enterprise model. Once Certified, TTS Trainers can lead trainings promoting the paradigm shift, treatment methodologies and generating income. In addition, TTS volunteer Champions promote this effort, bringing this new understanding to organizations and communities.

How is Transition to Success distinguished from others?
TTS is the only organization promoting a paradigm shift in the understanding of poverty with a concrete approach for treatment. TTS is a scalable, sustainable, measurable social change movement.

For those entering the job market what advice would you give them in terms of making a good impression and standing out from other applicants?
To make a good impression, know your audience….what is their position, interest and need? Speak to that.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about employment with Transition to Success?
We welcome to become a part of the movement through training, TTS Certification and volunteerism.

Have you utilized The Network for Social Work Management as a resource in the past? If yes, how so? Did you find it effective? If no, are you planning to do so in the future?
No, but I would welcome the opportunity to learn more and integrate into our practice.

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