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Wednesday NetWORK highlights the work of human service organizations and draws attention to the impact the organization and its staff is having in the community.
For readers unfamiliar with TEEEM, would you please take a few moments to describe the agency.

The Empathic Entrepreneur Equality Mission (TEEEM) is an international nonprofit that works with social entrepreneurs and students to co-manage nonprofits. Our mission is to meet community needs worldwide through empathy and partnership. We are a community driven organization, so we partner with people on the ground to problem solve and fund solutions that meet their community needs. Our work spans Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, and Cambodia, working in areas of medical care, economic empowerment, and educational programming. In the United States we partner with high schools, teaching students about nonprofit management, fundraising, social media, humanitarian work, and different cultures, and matching their schools with one of our international sites. We are an organization focused on teaching empathy, fighting inequality, and promoting entrepreneurship.

What types of opportunities are available within TEEEM in terms of employment opportunities for human service professionals?
To maintain a low overhead, and keep funding important life-changing work, TEEEM is a primarily volunteer-based organization, with few paid staff positions. However, we are constantly looking for people to volunteer and lend a hand. There are opportunities in social media management, marketing and fundraising, program development, finance, liaising with local high schools, and positions on the Board of Directors. If you’re interested in getting involved, reach out to Elise Verdooner at!

How is TEEEM distinguished from others?
TEEEM centers on a community-driven approach when implementing programming. We work closely with our on-the-ground international partners, enabling them to self- identify local challenges and needs. We serve the communities, acting as the linkage to resources and the support they seek rather than imposing what we think they need or what we think is best.

For those entering the job market what advice would you give them in terms of making a good impression and standing out from other applicants?
Don’t be afraid to be yourself and share something unique in your application materials. We’re looking at the whole person, not just your GPA and academic achievements. Show us what you’re passionate about – especially if it aligns with the organization’s mission! We want to find employees and volunteers that are a good fit with the team and overall work environment. Lastly, in your cover letter and resume, clearly articulate how you can help the organization achieve its mission.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about employment with Transition to Success?
TEEEM is still in the start-up phase, making it a fast-paced working environment where your input can have impact on the decisions we make. As a result, there’s plenty to do, and to be successful you need a combination of passion and grit. This type of work requires you to be a self-started and constantly problem-solving. Think about what type of work environment is most conducive to your professional development.

Have you utilized The Network for Social Work Management as a resource in the past? If yes, how so? Did you find it effective? If no, are you planning to do so in the future?
Elise Verdooner, TEEEM’s Executive Director, is a member of The Network for Social Work Management and has participated in webinars, the annual conference, and in the mentorship program. TEEEM has sponsored many Columbia School of Social Work interns and encourages them to continue to be part of the Network.

Empowering social entrepreneurs and students to co-manage nonprofits. Investing in health, educational and economic initiatives for a more equal and connected world.

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