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Welcome to the Wednesday NetWORK (WN), a newsletter curated for you on the first Wednesday of every month!

WN highlights the work of human service organizations and draws attention to the impact the organization and its staff is having in the community.

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For readers unfamiliar with RS Counseling & Wellness Center, would you please take a few moments to describe the agency.

RS Counseling & Wellness Center (RSCWC) is a private therapy, training and consultant  practice. The culture at RS Counseling & Wellness Center is driven by wellness values and principles. At RSCWC, our mission is to offer a special blend of expertise and client-centered care that encourages emotional, spiritual, physical, social and intellectual wellness.

RSCWC’s core values incorporates our beliefs as a center of excellence in human service and social work. Our overarching principles of empowerment, enrichment and education combine to offer a lifelong impact to those we serve.

Holistic and Comprehensive Therapy Services

Our primary services include in person and online individual, family and group therapy. We offer an array of services or referrals to complement and support your therapy experience. A few of the healing practices that we promote and/or address in the holistic wellness of the clients we serve include: Therapeutic Massage, Spiritual Clarity and Counseling, Nutritional Counseling, Meditation and Mindfulness Classes, Personal & Career Coaching and so much more.
Social Work Continued Education Trainings

We are approved as a provider for social work continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) through the Approved Continuing Education (ACE) Program. Social workers participating in these courses will receive continuing education clock hours based on the course description.

Executive Coaching & Consultant Services

We work with individuals and/or human service agencies to develop clear direction for their business design, strategic planning, expansion and/or executive coaching. Using a comprehensive need assessments, we evaluate needs and set up appropriate services for each individual and/or agency.

What types of opportunities are available within RSCWC in terms of employment opportunities for human service professionals?

Because we are adding new locations, we have opportunity in our clinical services. We are looking for therapists with experience working with youth and families. The therapist is responsible for providing individual, group and/or family therapy to clients on a weekly basis.

Along with therapists we are also seeking Social Work Continuing Education Trainer. The trainer is responsible for developing and training courses geared towards continuing education for social workers and mental health professionals. The training courses will be on an as needed basis in person and/or online.

If you join the RSCWC team you are joining a place that believes in maintaining a safe, ethical and welcoming environment for all we serve. We strongly believe that teamwork combined with credentialed professionals and spirited leadership nurture innovation, greater effectiveness, and program excellence. As we continue to grow we hope to have additional opportunities to support each of our services. So feel free to visit our career page for updates: RS Counseling & Wellness Center Careers.

How is RSCWC distinguished from others?

We believe in the power of the individual to learn, teach, inspire, and heal while accessing unique services that have been proven to benefit a person’s wellness and resiliency. We service people of all backgrounds with a specialty in Black/African-American and Other Racial or Ethnic Backgrounds. We believe in contributing to the decrease of mental health stigma and an advancement of groundbreaking culturally appropriate programs which generates greater acceptance of culturally specific-facilitated services.

For those entering the job market what advice would you give them in terms of making a good impression and standing out from other applicants?
Be clear on your professional objective; know how to articulate what you want professionally. Make sure it is clear on your resume and other profolio materials.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about employment with RSCWC?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. You can reach us at or (856) 389-5458.

Have you utilized The Network for Social Work Management as a resource in the past? If yes, how so? Did you find it effective? If no, are you planning to do so in the future? 
I am a current member of The Network for Social Work Management. It has positively influenced my work through its management resources and tools. Also, I had the privilege of attending this years annual conferences where I was able to present for the Emerging Leaders Institute. It was such a great learning and networking experience and I will be sure to attend again.

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