Executive Circle

As an executive leading the charge in your organization, you harness the power and the potential to do great things. At times though, it can become a lonely job as we easily forget how important it is to interact with others around us. Recent studies have noted that loneliness has become an under-diagnosed epidemic among rising CEOs. Top executives have reported feeling a sense of isolation that can potentially hinder their ability to do their jobs.

NSWM’s Executive Circle Program brings together a group of senior-level managers and executives who are interested in the opportunity to collaborate and share experiences in a safe space with other human services leaders from around the world.

Program Details

The Executive Circle meets bimonthly via Zoom to:

  • Connect nonprofit managers and executives to brainstorm about like challenges and achievements.
  • Build a mutually supportive network of colleagues who can enhance each other’s capabilities.
  • Create partnerships and share ideas with other top managers and executives in the profession.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join us at the table!

Join us for the first NSWM Executive Circle on Thursday, April 9th. Register below.


“The Executive Circle is a necessary and powerful tool for Social Work Managers and one I recommend for anyone wanting peer support and true professional development. It is well worth the investment of time and energy.”

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