International Mentorship Program

The Network’s International Mentorship Program provides emerging and seasoned social work leaders in the U.S. and internationally with the opportunity to coach and guide each other on how to be successful health and human services professionals.

Mentees are able to receive guidance and acquire management skills through the help of their mentors while Mentors use their expertise to help the next generation of social work managers and give back to the human services community.

View the selected 2017-18 Mentors and Mentees Here!


  • Guidelines About the Skills Needed to be a Mentor/Mentee
  • The Network for Social Work Management’s Human Services Management Competencies Guidebook
  • Social Sector Management Resources
  • Tips to Manage the Mentoring Relationship
  • News and Articles on Mentoring
  • Mentoring Forum


  • Open to emerging leaders in the human services sector who have a demonstrated interest in leadership and management
  • 15 mentors and 15 mentees will be selected to participate
  • Mentees and mentors will be featured in one of our NSWM newsletters
  • Mentoring sessions will be held with assisted mentor via phone, email and/or virtual platforms
  • Mentors will be required to attend one mentor-only virtual meeting
  • Mentees will be required to attend one mentee-only virtual meeting
  • Mentees and mentors will receive a certificate of completion


  • Must have at least a bachelor’s degree
  • Submission of the mentorship application and signed mentor and mentee guidelines
  • $50 commitment fee required upon acceptance to the program
  • Proof of employment
  • Availability to participate throughout the length of the program (8 months, October 2018 – June 2019)
  • Access to internet connection: minimum- DSL or cable connection
  • *Please note that failure to complete the full application will result in rejected application


2017-18 Mentee Testimonials

After graduating from my MSW program at CSULB, I felt in need of some professional guidance to help me stay connected to the causes I cared about and figure out more about what I wanted out of my career. I was already connected to the Network for Social Work Management and got an email about the International Mentorship Program. I applied, got accepted, and was matched with Bruce Friedman. Bruce has decades of experience in many different areas of social work and we had a great time all year getting to know each other. He had innovative ideas and could guide me from an unbiased perspective. When I sent him a presentation I was working on to gather some feedback, he suggested I also submit it to the NSWM conference as a presentation proposal. He helped me craft the proposal and I was accepted to present my presentation as a poster. He also advised me on how to make the poster and I presented it at the conference. I loved attending the Emerging Leaders Institute and the NSWM conference and made really powerful connections that I look forward to staying in contact with in the future. Most importantly, I got to meet Bruce in person at the conference! Overall, this was a great experience and I learned a lot. Thank you NSWM!

– Emily Rus

Upon finishing my MSW program in May 2017 and getting a job, I realized I was needing some guidance. Should I pursue licensure? How do I practice self-care when I am learning to juggle the demands of my new job in a whole new work environment, that in itself is ever-changing? These were just a few of the questions that I had that my mentor, Jennifer Magnabosco, helped me talk through, create goals to address, and understand my self better. I am thankful to Jennifer for her time and willingness to adapt with me as I moved through the course of the year, including coaching me as I stepped out to do a poster presentation at the conference in June. Thank you for this opportunity to learn and grow NSWM!

– Barbra Bowman