NSWM Policy Fellows

NSWM Policy Fellows ProgramThe aim of this program is to encourage social workers in management to be at the forefront of policy. Social workers should engage proactively with policies that directly affect the individuals, families and communities they serve – either to redress those policies that now produce a negative impact, or to promote policy solutions in response to issues made evident in the course of doing the work.

The NSWM Policy Fellows program offers practical training in social work management for emerging and mid-career leaders seeking new experiences and skill sets. The nine month leadership and professional development experience equips participants with core management competencies to inspire, organize, and work effectively with others to advance the public good. Dependent upon the fellow’s interest the program will focus on the many different aspects of policy management including but not limited to policy advocacy, analysis, evaluation and organizing the community of interest.

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20160616-NSWM-Conference-day1-117“The Network for Social Work Management’s Policy Fellowship provided me with an amazing opportunity for my professional development as a macro social worker that has since reinforced my knowledge and practical application of social work theories, the immense and diverse value of a social work degree and my commitment to my own professional development and the field.

Through the fellowship, I made a commitment to produce certain projects, including a professional poster presentation, and was both held accountable by and supported by my mentor. This format encouraged me to reflect on my professional experiences and how my perspective and values as a social worker have been instrumental in my work. In addition, my mentor was very positive and encouraging, which was just the creative push I needed to return to writing and research.

As a result of the fellowship and the support of the program and my mentor, I had the opportunity to present at the Network for Social Work Management’s annual conference and have also been invited to present at other national and international conferences in which I will engage in the important social work value of continuous learning, as well as advance the understanding of the value and contributions of social work.” – Lindsey Bishop, MSW, 2016 Policy Fellow 

ATTN: The Policy Fellows Program will be taking a break this 2018-19 year. If you are interested, please follow up with us in June 2019.