Social Work Management Week: A Day In The Life of a Social Work Manager

Short Bio. Thenera Bailey is the President/CEO of the SISGI Group, a consulting and research organization dedicated to providing strategic resources to mission driven work led by individuals, groups and organizations. Thenera has an accomplished career as a consultant, trainer and technical assistance provider to programs, organizations, government agencies, nonprofits, corporations, schools and school districts.... Read more »

NSWM New Jersey Chapter: Trumping Challenges to Nonprofit Fundraising in Turbulent Times

Agenda for March 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm. Registration. Welcome and expression of appreciation for co-sponsors, The Network for Social Work Management and the Rutgers University School of Social Work Graduate Students Association. Introduction to panel topic by NSWMNJ Chapter Co-Chairs, Dr. Karun K. Singh and Mr. Michael De Nichilo. 6:30pm-8:00pm. Trumping Challenges to Nonprofit Fundraising in... Read more »

Social Work Management Week: An Interview with Agnes Nzomene

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What attracted you to the Social Work Profession? A: My name is Agnes Nzomene and I was born in Cameroon, Central Africa. I am the 7th sibling out of 11 children. I came to the US in 2008 to be with my husband... Read more »

Webinar: Writing Winning Grants with Sarah Lange

View the Recording! View the PPT Slide Deck! The world of grant writing is changing: We are being asked to jump through more hoops, such as eligibility, quizzes and Letters of Intent/Inquiry, which can drag out the application (and therefore funding) process. There's a movement toward briefer and online proposals, which means we need to demonstrate the... Read more »