The Network

We are an International Organization Focused on Advancing Social Work Management and Leadership

Our Mission is to strengthen, and mobilize diverse social impact leaders through education, leadership development, networking, and community-building.

Our Vision: We envision a just and inclusive society co-created by diverse leaders using a racial equity framework to advance social good

We will accomplish our goals by:

  • Educating, training, mentoring, coaching, and providing other support systems for impactful leaders and managers to become successful executive leaders.
  • Connecting managers with the most impactful organizations in the US and abroad.
  • Advancing people-centered values for executive leaders and social organizations.
  • Driving continuous improvement and professional development tools for executive leadership and organizations.

Membership, Competencies & Programs

The Network is a free membership organization for human services professionals at all levels of management across a broad and diverse range of human services organizations. Our membership is also free to students interested in gaining valuable management skills that will help to advance their careers in health and human services post graduation.

The Network is the only international professional association in the United States dedicated to improving the quality of human services organizations. We equip executives, directors and managers with the tools to become effective, “people-centered” leaders, through our exceptional ProgramsAnnual Management Conference and Human Services Management Competencies.

We offer a variety of opportunities to help define and advance the unique skill-set of executive leaders and managers through the following opportunities:

The Network for Social Work Management began in 1985 under the direction of then executive director Robert Maslyn. Mr. Maslyn, along with other agency directors, established the organization to provide a place where members could educate, train, mentor, and coach students, managers and leaders within the field of social work management. Under the direction of our first president, Mr. Maslyn, and Executive Director Harold Benson, the Network grew into a flourishing organization.

In the spring of 1977, Bill Cohen, the owner of Haworth Press, aligned The Journal Administration in Social Work, now renamed Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership and Governance, with our Network membership. This alignment provided significant credibility and notoriety to the Network helping to further advance our mission and vision.

Since the launch of NSWM in 1985, the Network has been fortunate to have been directed by Presidents George Appenzeller, Shelly Whimpfheimer, Mary Oldiges, Gary Bess, and Bruce Friedman. Currently, the Network is lead by Dr. Goutham Menon, the Dean at Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work in Chicago, IL, and CEO Lakeya Cherry who is headquartered out of our office in Los Angeles, CA.

Today, the Network for Social Work Management continues to be the foundation for developing knowledge and information associated with administration and leadership issues involved with managing and leading social service agencies.

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